ABRAMOWITZ, GRIGORI (pseudonyms: Ẓevi Abrahami, W. Farbman, and Michael Farbman; 1880?–1933), Zionist socialist, publisher, and journalist. Born in Odessa, Russia, Abramowitz studied in Munich and Zurich where he became an active Zionist. At first sharing the ideology of the democratic fraction , he later joined the Zionist socialist group   "Ḥerut" in Zurich. As a supporter of the project for Jewish colonization in uganda , Abramowitz wrote a series of articles on "Zionism and the Uganda question" in the Zionist organ Yevreyskaya (Zhizn, 1905). For the zionist socialist workers party he wrote on Jewish emigration and the economy. After withdrawing from public activities, Abramowitz founded a book-publishing firm. He lived in England from 1915 and while there contributed to English and American journals as an expert on Soviet affairs. His books include After Lenin (1924) and Five-Year Plan (1931). He founded the European Year Book in 1926. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: JC (June 2, 1933). (Moshe Mishkinsky)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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